KERRI's VINTAGE & UPcycled CUSTOM APPAREL: We believe in fun and affordable fashion. Sure we all love new clothes but, our favorites are the worn-in clothes, soft, funky, a stain here or a hole there...we still love them. These new styles are a reflection of what we love and how our generation is learning to repurpose vintage clothing. Since prices have gone through the roof for brand new apparel to print on and times they are HARD for all of us, this is what we've done...we donated to local vintage stores, re-purposed and UPcycled some forgotten, at-the-end-of-the-line clothing, giving them another chance to be your favorite clothes again.  So here's to all the funksters, the hipsters, the eco-friendly and ultra-hip. This is what WE LOVE! Hope you do too.

Each piece of KERRI's custom apparel is a one-of-a-kind.  So, just like you, it's an original. Some items are screen printed, stitched, embellished, shredded, weaved, dyed or re-purposed to give an item that was tossed aside-- new life!

We love this idea of re-purposing/upcycling and doing our part to help save the environment and making the old, pret-a-porte once again! 

If you have any specific questions regarding measurements--please feel free to ask. 

These are AS-IS items and are non-returnable nor refundable.